Adobe CS4 “licensing for this product stopped working” error how to solution acrobat photoshop indesign

may u have accidentally stopped flexnet service
control panel — Administrative Tools — services -flexnet services start manually — apply
should be fine yet


24 thoughts on “Adobe CS4 “licensing for this product stopped working” error how to solution acrobat photoshop indesign

  1. Hi
    i face a problem every time i open InDesign CS4, when i double click the program this error appears:

    E00002 — Could not get a license.
    Product license:

    this the message, and when click ok button it appears 3 more time. after that Windows try to solve this problem and fails, this message appears:

    Adobe InDesign CS4 has stopped working
    A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

    this happens only with InDesign CS4, other program in the collection works properly.


    ust ran the LicensingRepair software from the link I sent above and it worked! Apparently my FLEXnet Licencing Service that is a background service, got corrupted somewhere along the line and it wasn’t allowing me to input a serial number. That faulty background service was also the cause in why the message would always pop up saying “This application stopped working blah blah blah.”

    So yeah, I ran the file as administrator (right click on it), it did it’s thing. I started up Photoshop 32-bit (I have Vista 64-Bit but it doesn’t matter), and the screen popped up that allowed me to input a serial number. Ouila!

  3. Solution 7: Remove the SQLite journaling file.

    The journaling file will only exist under specific circumstances where a client is accessing the database file with certain options enabled. If the file does not exist please continue to the next solution.

    * On Mac
    * On Windows

    On Mac

    1. Using Finder, navigate to /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe PCD/cache.
    2. If present, delete cache.db-journal.
    3. Launch Adobe Acrobat 9 or a Adobe Creative Suite 4 product.

    On Windows

    1. Using Explorer, navigate to \Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe PCD\cache.
    2. If present, delete cache.db-journal.
    3. Launch Adobe Acrobat 9 or a Adobe Creative Suite 4 product.

  4. This work folks thx to everyone
    dont waste ur time and try this
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe PCD\cache


    1: Apply the Licensing Service Update

    1. Close any Adobe application.
    2. Download the Licensing Service Update.
    3. Run the License Service Update.
    * On Windows
    1. Extract the

    Important: A utility such as Winzip must be used to extract the contents on the zipped file.

    2. Double click LicenseRecover.exe.
    * On Macintosh
    1. Double click the LicenseRecovery109.dmg
    2. Double click
    3. Enter your administrator username and password when prompted and click OK.
    4. Follow the on screen instructions.
    5. Start the Adobe Creative Suite 3 product or Adobe Acrobat 8.

  6. Just wanted to say thanks for the quick and easy fix on this. CS4 had that message “licensing for this product stopped working” message appear and my first thought was “WTF?”

    Luckily a quick google search later and was playing with After Effects.

    Grafikdesign saved me hours of time of uninstalling then re-installing along with other various steps of nonsense just to use CS4 with this tip.


  7. I’ve got this problem with cs4 and acrobat 9 and i’ve tried the license fix, the flexnet fix, adding stuff to my host file but nothing works — anybody got anything else, pleeesee!

  8. Gracias!!! lo que me funciono fue:

    En Windows
    1. Utilizando el Explorador, vaya a \ Archivos de programa \ Archivos comunes \ Adobe \ Adobe PCD \ cache.
    2. Si existen, elimine cache.db-journal.
    3. Inicie Adobe Acrobat 9 o Adobe Creative Suite 4 producto.

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