Bad Pool Caller

Firstly – Update your video card to the latest drivers offered by the manufacturer.

Secondly – Go to the Control Panel, and follow these steps:

1. System Icon
2. Advanced Tab
3. Startup and Recovery -> Settings
4. Enable Write an Event to the system log
5. Disable Automatically Restart
6. Select the following debugging information:
* Small memory dump (64 Kb)
* Small Dump Directory : %SystemRoot%\Minidump
7. Confirm all and restart the computer.

After that, you will find the Minidump files (they created after computer crash / BSOD) in the system folder. Please Zip/Rar these files and upload them to your next post.

These files can help us (not always) to determine what was the cause for the crash / BSOD.

bad pool caller
bad pool caller

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