How to show Desktop on Rocketdock

I have found some workarounds for Rocketdock which will ‘fix’ the infamous Show desktop issues. This may also work with other docks on the Windows platform..

If you don’t know what I mean with this issues, then set the layering
in Rocketdock to “Always on Bottom” and don’t Auto-hide. Then try to
use Winkey+D (Show Desktop) or Show Desktop on your Quick Launch. You
will notice that Rocketdock disappears with the rest of your programs
and it is not sticking to the desktop…

But anyway, here are some workarounds/fixes:
1. The first thing that you can do is not using Winkey+D OR Show
Desktop in your Quick Launch-bar. But this is a pain if you have to
minimize 5 or more windows ;). So for most users this isn’t an option ;).

2. Then you can use Winkey+M instead of using Winkey+D OR Show
Desktop in your Quick Launch-bar. This will solve your problems and
minimize all of your windows most of the time. Some windows will not
minimize with this shortcut (installers, full screen apps, etc)..
Anyway, this can be a good solution if you use your keyboard a lot.

3. Use an AutoHotKey program
)this link is already configured for use with Winkey+M) and replace
your Show Desktop in your Quick Launch-bar with this program (or a
shortcut to this program of course ;)). I also have created a tutorial
on how to do this (on Windows Vista, but this is almost the same on
XP). I use this too and it works great IMHO! The only issue is the same
with the Winkey+M shortcut, some windows won’t minimize.. But these are
mostly full-screen applications or applications that want to have
on-top functionality.

4. (Also) Use a Winkey+D hack on Windows Vista only.
It’s a small program that will run in the background with a small
memory footprint. If you press Winkey+D, this program will replace it
with a Winkey+M shortcut. The same issues apply here too..

So these are my solutions/workarounds. Tell me what you think, I use
the Showdesktop.exe myself now for over 2 years and I it’s still
working great!

from alex3305


12 thoughts on “How to show Desktop on Rocketdock

    1. just tried it, it effectivelly works well … but you will have to install the 4 neuro soft “vista clock”
      you can adjust clock transparency to 100% to vanish it but then it does not work anymore. I have set 97% of transparency
      Plus, it seems this soft is not free, let’s see how long it work …

  1. Found another way:
    open a notepad paste this:

    Dim objShell
    Set objShell = CreateObject(“Shell.Application”)

    and save it with the .vbs extension and the name you want.
    then make a shortcut to this file in quicklaunch.


    1. To my mind, this is the best solution.
      i use AHK as well but i don’t like to have a lot of AHK scripts launched in the same time, so don’t like to launch the .exe script offered at point 3.
      Just have to replace Win-D shorcut under my own AHK script to launch this small vbs script.
      Very light, very clear and efficient.
      Thank you 😀

  2. Thank u sooooo much~! I kinda have forgotten about the Windows-M shortcut. now that you’ve reminded me, I’m so happy! it’s fine with me. thanks again! *cheers*

  3. I am certain this works in Windows 7 64-bit. It’s a little bit cumbersome, but it works. Move the mouse to hover over Rocketdock so you can see the dock. Then use Win-D and Rocketdock will stay visible.

  4. Thank you very much, it was the only mistake, heavy one, in my GUI of Rainmeter, Objectdcks and Rocket Dock, Windows 7 userface . By the Autohotkey rocks!!

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