Method 1:

1. Press Camm & Comm button simultaniously. Keep them pressed.
2. Punch the little hole at the bottom with the stylus for a second or two.
3. Release the stylus (keep the buttons pressed!)
4. A white text-message appears on a black screen, telling you to press the send button
5. press the green button(the one you press to make a call).
6. Now, release the Camm & Comm buttons
7. The message on the screen tells you some more about formatting.
8. Release every button, you are done!

The OS has been reinstalled on your phone (it’s like formatting your hard drive and install a new Windows).

Method 2:

1. Open “Today => Settings => Clear Storage”
2. Enter “1234” as instructed
3. Hit “YES” in the bottom-bar



2 thoughts on “HTC QTEK S200 XDA NEO HARD RESET

  1. bonjour
    voila jais un htc acer s200 jais essayer de le formater mais jais un grand probleme pandent le formatage il salume normale ensuite lecran et blan il me demande daligner lecran mais la rien ne repand ça fait de ça 5 joure il peut pas demarer svp aider moi

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