CSS Menus

Choose your CSS Menu

  • default
    Sliding doors-tabbed menu
  • arrow
    Centered ‘current tab’ arrow
  • Orange Tab
    Sliding doors-tabbed current orange menu
  • Pull Tab
    Sliding doors pull down menu
  • Peaks

What’s this all about?

A website’s success or failure depends to a large extent on it’s navigation system. If it is difficult for your visitors to navigate your pages they will not stay long and, what is worse, they will not return. Is your navigation search engine friendly? Does it rely entirely on javascript? Is it difficult to update? If you are having problems finding suitable menus then look no further.

Why CSS Menus?

CSS Menus is a website set up to show how CSS can be used to style unordered lists and turn then into stylish, professional menus that would enhance the look of any website.

CSS Menus are search engine friendly, they will allow search engines to easily navigate and spider your pages. They are easy to setup, even easier to update and will work even when javascript is turned off.

They will even degrade well for text readers and when CSS is turned off.



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