Web based amazing file explorer ajax

AjaXplorer 2.3.10 [RC1 for 2.4] is released

February 17th, 2009

version is achieving a certain stability, fixes various bugs, and
implements critical missing features. The aim is to have a 2.4 very
stable, to go on another developement cycle. See details below.

Warning, the upgrade will work except for the users! Sorry, but the
the login method has changed to enhance the security, and the passwords
won’t match anymore. Just delete the content of the “server/users”
folder (except for the .htaccess) and refresh, a clean “admin” user
will be re-created.

Please test and report as more bugs as possible, no features requests please on this RC. Update also the i18n files if you can.

Download page : AjaXplorer on Sourceforge

FAQ : http://www.ajaxplorer.info/documentation/chapter-8-faq/

Demo : http://www.ajaxplorer.info/demo/

Forum : http://www.ajaxplorer.info/forum/

Documentation is available here !

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