WordPress Plugin List 4

BT-Active Discussions

This is a recent comments plugin that displays customizable number of blog posts with recently updated comment. The output is very similar to phpBB’s View Active Topics and vBulletin’s Today’s Posts functions.

WordPress Post to SMF

This plugin adds WordPress posts as topics in SimpleMachines Forum 1.1.7, and allows to put a link to this topic below the WordPress post for the user to add comments

More information on the plugin homepage: WordPress plugin post to smf

Tango Smileys Extended

Tango Smileys Extended (TSE) disables the built-in WordPress smileys and extends the number of available smileys from 18 to 202. The extended smileys can be input using standard emoticon shorthand, or through the CTI (Click to Insert) interface introduced in TSE 2.0.0b. Smileys in comments is also supported, and may be inserted using the standard emoticon shorthand or through the CTI interface introduced in TSE 2.0.1b. MCEComments is now supported as of TSE

tango-smileys-extended screenshot 1


WP-Optimize is a wordpress 2.7++ database cleanup and optimization tool. It doesn’t require PhpMyAdmin to optimize your database tables. It allows you to remove post revisions, comments in the spam queue, un-approved comments within few clicks. Additionally you can rename any username to another username too.

wp-optimize screenshot 1

Meet Your Commenters

When someone comments on your blog and writes a comment with his/her URL, is leaving more information than you think. This plugin displays web pages and profiles of those users in the dashboard, so you can add them as friends if you are in the same social network.


AJAXed WordPress

AJAXed WordPress (aWP) is an extremely powerful plugin that harnesses the power of AJAX and WordPress to improve the user experience, the administration capabilities and the design potential of any WordPress based blog.

ajaxd-wordpress screenshot 5

Jabber Feed

This plugin enables the blog owner to publish their posts on a xmpp pubsub node. This way, anyone subscribed to this same node will be notified through Jabber when a new post is published.

jabber-feed screenshot 2

Custom Smilies

Custom Smilies (previously named Custom Smileys) gives you a chance to personalize your posts and comments using smilies of your choice instead of default ones.

Custom Smilies was selected as one of 30+ plugins for WordPress comments and 300+ tools for running your WordPress blog. These lists were conducted by Mashable, as of July 24th, 2007 and August 16th, 2007.

custom-smilies-se screenshot 1


This plugin, inspired on the plugin “Query Inside Post” by k-ny displays custom lists of posts or comments inside a post or the sidebar.

This plugin requires PHP5. Look at the FAQ for more details.

post-lister screenshot 1

Comments Vote

This plug-in enables users of the website to vote comments up or down. This running tally can be displayed on the comment, and administrators have the ability to activate the collapsing of comments with a designated negative rating. The comment will still be available for viewing by clicking on a “show comment” link, which expands to show the collapsed comment’s contents.

WP Paged Comments

the comment objects of your theme must has an ID like “comment-xxx”. It’s a standard of WordPress themes now, yet some themes may still not meet this requirement.

wp-paged-comments screenshot 1

Top Commentators Widget

The Top Commentators Widget a sidebar widget to show the top commentators in your WP site. Adapted from Show Top Commentators plugin at Personal Financial Advice, this widget is easier to manage via the control form (no need to edit the PHP file); additional options are also available to make it more flexible. Read the FAQ section on how to customize the widget, and take a look at the screen shot to see the control form for customizing the Top Commentators Widget.


top-commentators-widget screenshot 1

Paged Comments

Paged Comments enables comment paging. Useful for those popular blog entries receiving many comments, or a simple guestbook page within WordPress.

  • Comment ordering: show latest comments first, or last
  • Specify number of comments to display per page
  • Enable paging for all posts and pages, or on a per-post basis
  • Give users the choice to view all comments on one page with a �show all� link
  • Specify the first or last page of comments to load by default
  • See sample config file for more

sample: Pages: [80] 79 78 77 76 75 74 73 72 71 70 … 1 » Show All


Why the need of a preview box if you have the What You See Is What You Get Editor in the same place as your visitors type in the comments?

This plugin turns the comment field from a primitive into a WYSIWYG editor, using the internal TinyMCE library bundled with WordPress 2.0 or up, without the need of another separate installation. Functions that only available to writers like adding images were removed and will not show up in the toolbar.

tinymcecomments screenshot 1

Move Comments

WordPress does not have an option to move comments between posts or pages. Move Comments is a WordPress plugin that allows comments to be moved from one page or post to another.

It adds a section under ‘Comments’ where you can filter comments by post or page title, tick the ones you want to move and finally select where to move them to.


Moodlight allows your visitors to add their mood on posts via comments. You can customize your posts and comments depending on visitors moods. The visitors moods are translated by colors, so it is easy to know if peoples are agree or against the post subject.

moodlight screenshot 1

moodlight screenshot 2

moodlight screenshot 3

moodlight screenshot 4


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