Useful WordPress Plugin List

WordPress Petition Plugin

The WordPress Petition Plugin helps you run a simple web based petition through your WordPress based site or blog. Custom petition text can be embedded into any post or page. To protect your petition from spam and false entries, signatories are asked to verify their signing of the petition through a confirmation link sent to them by e-mail. The latest version of the plugin now allows you to add custom fields to your petition.

GD Star Rating

gd-star-rating screenshot 7

GD Star Rating plugin allows you to set up rating and review system for posts, pages and comments in your blog. You can set many options for displaying the rating stars, and also add widgets into the sidebars for displaying top ratings and other statistics generated by the plugin. Plugin includes advanced settings panels that will allow you to control many aspects of rating. Plugin also supports multi ratings.

Paginated Comments

Paginated Comments is a WordPress Plugin ** developed with SEO in mind ** that gives you the ability to break your comments into a number of search engine optimized pages.

Greg’s Comment Length Limiter

This plugin provides a configurable limit on the length of comments left in the comment form, with a character countdown displayed for the user and dynamically updated with each keypress.

gregs-comment-length-limiter screenshot 1

Greg’s Threaded Comment Numbering

This plugin numbers your comments sequentially and hierarchically, with full support for the new comment features introduced in WordPress 2.7 — including threading, paging, and your choice of ascending or descending date order.

gregs-threaded-comment-numbering screenshot 2


WP Politifier enforces a certain level of politeness in your comments, replacing recognized swear words with acronym’ed asterisks. The original text is preserved in the title attribute, visible on mouseover.

polite-ifier screenshot 1

Riffly Webcam Video Comments

WHAT IS IT? Riffly is a free service that easily plugs into your site allowing visitors to create video comments and audio comments.
riffly screenshot 1

Quote Comments

quote-comments screenshot 1

This plugin adds a tiny link that says “Quote” on each comment on your posts. Click it, and the contents of the comment is copied to the comment area, wrapped in blockquote tags. If you have Textile installed, the plugin will use “.bq” instead of blockquotes.

Maximum Comment Length

For some wordpress themes it is very useful to limit comments to a certain amount of characters. WordPress does not offer such an ability therefore I wrote this small plugin to limit the length of the comments.

Thank Me Later

Thank Me Later is a plug-in which will automatically send a thank you email to readers after they post a comment. It can be set to send the message a time after the comment was posted (an hour, day, week, month, etc). It is effective as it will remind readers of their comments and gets them engaged with future discussion and your blog. It is useful to attract “one-time” readers who will post one comment, and then forget about your blog.

thank-me-later screenshot 2

SI CAPTCHA for WordPress

Adds CAPTCHA anti-spam methods to WordPress on the comment form, registration form, or both. In order to post comments, users will have to type in the phrase shown on the image. This can help prevent spam from automated bots.

si-captcha-for-wordpress screenshot 1

Get Author’s Comments

This plugin allows to display or retrieve comments posted by a user. In order to avoid homonyms, a user is identified by his name and email(s).

Note: Get Author’s Comments uses the function wp_list_comments introduced by WordPress 2.7 for the (x)HTML output.

Comment Form Quicktags

This plugin inserts quicktags of the admin page to the upper part of textarea of the comment form.

comment-form-quicktags screenshot 1comment-form-quicktags screenshot 2

WordPress Thread Comment

This Plugin is an enhancement for WordPress’s comment function. It enables users to reply on a exist comment, and the discussion will be displayed threaded or nested.

wordpress-thread-comment screenshot 1

wordpress-thread-comment screenshot 4


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