Wordtube WordPress Flash Player How to get New Skin

uploaded new skin SWF file to your plugins/wordtube folder, copy the url of that file. Then, just go to
Settings/wordtube/Layout and paste the file’s url into the “Skin File”


4 thoughts on “Wordtube WordPress Flash Player How to get New Skin

    1. Was a solution ever found to this? Same thing is happening to me. The response below this doesn’t solve the problem and I’m digging everywhere for a solution!

  1. My solution :
    Thanks for your advice and tips. It works for me on my blog after following your hints. Download the Flash Video Plugin for WordPress and look for the skin folder and its subfolder. It contains the skin swf required files to be included on wordtube plugin setting skin page.

    Upload those skins file to the web server and insert the URL where you upload the files on your wordtube settings. Have a try, then!

    Second tip ( if above suggestion didn’t work )
    Just to share a tip : To get the skin works for this plugin, just download the latest version (v2.0) and unzip the files. Some skins has child folder and grandchild folder as well. Look for the grandchild folder which has the particular ‘skin.xml’ file in it.

    Upload that ‘grandchild folder’ to your web server and insert the URL for particular ‘skin.xml’ which you interested in using them on your wordtube plugin (I mean, your wordpress site) e.g [ http://yoursite.com/skinfolder/youruploadskin/particularskin.xml ] into your wordtube plugin setting.

    Test it out.Hope it works as shown on my site here : my blog using wordtube plugin . I’m using glow skin as an example.

    Best regards..

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