“Best” compression settings for YouTube

By Alex
Many of our students have expressed interest in publishing their work to YouTube. In some cases, it’s a painless way to get a portfolio online; in other cases, it’s good marketing. Regardless of the reason, though, everyone wants to cram as much quality as possible into their YouTube videos. And it’s especially important to get your upload right the first time, because YouTube does not allow you to “switch out” a video with a higher-quality version once it’s on the site.

The key to getting quality out of YouTube is to remember that they’re going to transcode whatever you upload. You’re sending them a master — not a pre-compressed video — so the optimizations that you’d normally make for a streaming video won’t carry forward to what YouTube viewers see.

You have a lot of flexibility over what kind of master you upload, but you’re fundamentally constrained by YouTube’s two main limits: 10 minutes of play time, or 100MB of file size, whichever comes first.



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