How to Recover photoshop .tmp file

On one hand, it seems that photoshop does indeed save a tmp file. On the other hand, its unlikely that I can recover it. So I look in the folder where I was trying to save the file and lo and behold I see a file named ~ps1F4.tmp – I’m still a little leary but what the heck it never hurts to try, right?

Back to Photoshop, File > Open, change the file’s extension from .tmp to .psd and click Open…

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

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43 thoughts on “How to Recover photoshop .tmp file

  1. this doesnt work

    i had a block of my system because i had messenger opened as well as photoshop which i was working in the liquify tool.

    the block passed and i saved the file, and was closing photoshop, but my pc was so slow i clicked on the hardware button to automatically restart


    SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE!! i was working on that painting for a whole month!!!!

    i’m so screwed

    please please help me!

    1. Did u find any solution ? 😦 i lost the file too and the same problem!@@@@ 😥
      That was a very confidential painting i’ve done …. please reply

    2. Man, i have the exact same problem…just when i saved my computer got a blue screen and crashed. When i started the computer again and opened the psd, it was all black except for the red line at the top… and i had worked two entire days on the picture all the way up to 7 in the morning.

  2. Thank you…

    I was working on a graphic for few days… after weeks of exercising with my new tablet.. and puff… tmp..

    Thank you very much, it worked for me

  3. I cannot find my temp folder with photoshop. i was able to search for it and find it thru windows but cant open it from there.
    does anyone know how to locate and open the tmp file using photoshop??

    1. …Photoshop doesn’t recognize .tmp files, and it will never try to make sense out of unknown file types- it will simply reject it.

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  4. It didn’t work for me either. I tried opening it at first and and I got a screen error saying the file is in use, even though it’s not. Second after renaming the file to .psd it will not open the file(could not complete your request because it is not a valid format) for what ever reason I have no clue when this forum says it will work. Let alone once you change the format of the temp you are left with nothing because you aren’t able to change the file back. Basically this is a waste of time even when you want so desperately to get your lost file back.

  5. Man, whoevea, i was about to throw in tha towel, you saved my ass, the other help tells you to buy a recovery program, i spent 3hrs trying to recover my file, dug deep into the drive, asking for permission ect. Thx dude your a life saver.

  6. When I go to open the file the ‘new’ window pops up with the dimensions of the image but obviously when I clicked OK it was just a blank white image.

  7. This method is hit and miss, it all depends on the file size you were working on. I’ve been using this method all the way back to photoshop 5.5 and i’m using CS5 now. Sometimes you can recover it but most of the times not.

    For every 2-3 saves do 1 backup save. Or save jpeg steps of your work.[if your doing paintings like I do] You’ll only lose an extra hour of sleep making up the difference 🙂

  8. Recovery Toolbox for Photoshop
    This plugin lets you grab image layers from any PSD/PSB file. It’s faster than opening the whole PSD in Photoshop, if you just want a layer. Most importantly, it can usually recover image layers from corrupted PSD files that Photoshop won’t open (if Photoshop opens with damage, this plugin recovers a more intact image). Beta version.
    FREE, $27 donation suggested if it saves your day/sanity/job.”

    Free demo version:

  9. You saved me 15 hours of work! I can’t believe that it worked. Not on the first try, but on the second. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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