Photoshop Tablet Pen Straight Lines Problem

i had a problem when i tray to draw on Photoshop Cs4 can able to draw only straight lines i use everything to solve these problem driver, reinstall, battery no way…
i found the solution, don’t use mouse and tablet pen some time
that’s all


33 thoughts on “Photoshop Tablet Pen Straight Lines Problem

  1. I am also having the same problem for photoshop, it either draws dots or straight lines, i can only use my graphics tablet in illustrator, why is that?

    If someone out there knows the solution or trick/work around let us know here, thanks heaps!

  2. Actualy it works for me… Problem solved… My notebook has drivers conflict and its looks like that photoshop cant tell what mouse and what tablet is…. when i unplug mouse and restart photoshop everything works just fine

    1. Thank you so much! When I unplug my mouse and restart photoshop, it finally stopped making only straight lines when I use my stylus!

  3. I have a similar problem, I can work finelly with photoshop but then out of the blue it starts drawing straight lines… then I close photoshop and open it again and it works fine again… and minutes later I draw stright lines again…

    Does someone know what’s wrong? cuz mine works at intervals and I’m not touching any keys that I know of…

  4. Dammit! Why wont anyone post any solutions?? Im having the same fucking problem as Blue. All my drivers are up to date and my goddamn mouse is always unplugged when i use the temperamental thing. There shouldn’t be a friggin problem. Could it be a cs4 thing? Or maybe some arbitrary compatibility problem? Iv spent a good portion of life researching this and have only come across more problems like mine. Wtf.

  5. Having the same problem for Photoshop and Flash CS4….

    I don’t think the problem is a mouse/wacom error, but more a processor one. The computer is having trouble keeping up with your tablet movements, so it only registers two points – where you start the brush stroke and where you end the brush stroke; then photoshop merely bridges the gap in the simplest way (a straight line).

    Try boosting your Memory Usage and/or Cache levels (Edit – Preferences – Performance) and restarting, as well as making sure the computer itself is up to date and exceeds minimum requirements for CS4.

  6. Hey

    I think I found a solution, at least for me it worked out.
    The problem came from some sort of disfunctions and bad settings of my Windows Session.
    So I created new rights and authorizations. If you feel comfortable (not very useful to be honest) you can create a new user with full admin rights to see if it works there).
    That worked for me as I’m working in a company in which my computer is not setted up as Admin.
    This is maybe a way to look at, doesn’t mean it is the one..

    good luck to you all

  7. using your graphics tablet , Go to PS CS4 > window>brushes>click on words Shape Dynamics as well as on the ticking box> controls> press pen pressure. If it displays a ! sing in a triangle means that you don’t have the latest drivers.Go to the website of your graphics tablet maker and download it.

    1. I’m on Photoshop CS5 but this worked perfectly!! It was a driver issue and a quick uninstall and reinstallation set everything right. Before the brush tool would only produce dots and it’s been driving me nuts so THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  8. I uninstalled my wacom tablet, updated the drivers for the mouse and keyboard and still doesn’t work; restore my windows to a time that everything was working fine and the problem is still there. I’m having problems in photoshop and After Effects!!! don’t know what else to do.

  9. How did you guys fixed this problem. I’m using Windows 7, Creative Suite CS4. Logitech Wireless mouse/keyboard. And the problem is just in After Effects and Photoshop, I need to find a solution before the weekend, if somebody can help I will really appreciate it!! Thanks.

  10. This might be a little late for you guys, since I see this is an very old post, but I found a solution that might actually work: Inside Photoshop Go to Edit – Preferences – Performance – Advanced Settings, once there, uncheck the box named “Anti-alias Guides and Paths”. This did it for me in PS CS6, so perhaps there is an equivalent option in CS4. If there isn’t, try verifying if checking/unchecking boxes here makes a difference.

    1. Important update – If the problem persists: (it later returned for me)

      For CS4 – Go to Edit – Preferences – Performance – Advanced Settings and UNCHECK the box “Enable OpenGL Drawing”

      For CS6 – Go to Edit – Preferences – Performance – Advanced Settings and UNCHECK the box “Use Graphics Processor”.

      That definetely did it in my CS6.

  11. My problem was that I had Synergy installed in my computers, a little software that allows you to use the same mouse to control 2 computer through the network, It was disabled and I wasn’t using it for a while but for some reason it got activated in the background; as soon as I uninstalled it, the mouse worked fine every time.

    1. Pedro, you are a fucking life saver. I was going ape shit trying to figure this out, and it turned out it was just Synergy running in the background.

      For anyone else who has Synergy, check to see if it’s still running as a service. You can do this by going into the Task Manager and going to the Services tab. Look for “Synergy” and if it says “Running”, then it’s probably the culprit. Just stop the service and you should be good!

  12. I had the same problem with my Huion tablet with windows 7.
    The only thing that worked was changing the brush spacing.
    Mine was set at 25% as soon as i dropped it to around 5% no more lag or straight lines.
    Hopes this helps.

    – Steve

  13. I had the same issue but found a solution that worked for me: In Photoshop CS6, I went to Edit > Prefrences > performance > Advanced Settings > and I UNCHECKED “Use Graphics Processor to Accelerate Computation” box and it looks like its worked. If it suddenly stops working for me I’ll post back here saying so. But so far so good!

  14. I don’t know if my fix will work for everyone else if they don’t have a Wacom tablet. You might be able to do reset the preferences for other tablets to fix this issue but I don’t know the steps.

    Search “Wacom” under the programs in the start menu.

    Open “Wacom Preference File Utility”

    Click “Remove” at the top under “My Preferences”

    Close the window and touch the pen to the tablet.

    It should prompt to be recalibrated.


    This stopped my my tablet from randomly drawing straight lines and ignoring the pen pressure while I was drawing in Photoshop and Flash.

    Good luck!

  15. I had the same fucking problem too and i fix it in tablet properties > pen > in the Tip Double clik Distance
    I make it off. And its work for me

  16. This is how you fix it. Go to the place where you can edit your brush settings and go to transfer. Make sure beside where it says “control:” pen pressure is selected and lock the pad lock icon to make sure it stays with all brushes. Same with smoothing.

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