How to blog from your Pocket pc to WordPress Blog

source: moblog

So you have successfully installed moBlog on your Windows Mobile (WM) device and want to give it a spin. But it keeps telling you that you have to create a profile first? Well, here’s how you can create profiles:

When moBlog is run, you are taken to the main window.

moBlog Home Screen

To create a profile, select: Menu -> Profiles. Profiles screen will load.

Profiles Screen

  1. Profiles: From Profiles drop down select “Create new profile”.
  2. Profile Name: Enter a name for the profile. This is the name that you are going to refer to this profile within moBlog. So you can give it any name you want.
  3. Provider: Select the blogging platform that yor blog is hosted on. It can be, Live Spaces or WordPress (both and wordpress installations on your own servers).
  4. Username: Give the user name that you use to login to your blog.
    • For this is the google account name which is usually your email address that you use to login to your blogger account.
    • For LiveSpaces this is your livespace name. For example my livespace is hence the username is sampathdassanayake
    • For wordpress this is your username.
  5. Password: This is the password for your blogging account.
    • For LiveSpaces, in order to enable posting from remote clients you need to enable email publishing and your password is the secret word that you have specified when you enabled email publishing.
  6. Author Name: This is the name to be used to sign your posts published from moBlog
  7. Blog Login (page) URL: This is needed only for wordpress blogs. You have to specify the url of the login page to your blog, whether it is or wordpress on your own server. For example, moBlog uses this url to determine the XML-RPC end point.
  8. Now click on Retrieve Blogs. This will trigger a connection to the Internet and attempt to retrieve a list of blogs associated with the given credentials. The retrieved blogs will be loaded to the Blogs drop down.
  9. Now select Options -> Save to save the profile.

Setting Up Proxy Settings:

Select Menu -> Settings from moBlog main window. This will load the settings window.


  1. If your connection to the Internet connects through a Proxy Server, select Connect through Proxy Server.
  2. Proxy Address. The address of the Proxy Server.
  3. Proxy Port: The port to connect through
  4. Username: Proxy user name. If no username is to be used, leave this blank.
  5. Password: Proxy password. If there is no password assigned, leave this blank.
  6. Domain: Proxy domain. If there is no domain, leave this blank

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