Photoshop white is yellow how to resolve these problem

Reset Preferences
“A lot of Photoshop problems can be fixed by dumping the preferences
file: While launching Photoshop, Hold down Alt+Ctrl+shift on the PC or
on the mac. When asked to reset the preferences say
ignore monitor profile check dont ask again
Before you do this, save your custom Patterns, actions, styles,
brushes, gradients, shapes and color pallettes. These will also be
reset. Tip: You can create an action to do this, so you have a one
click backup! (Don’t forget to save the backup action first)”


15 thoughts on “Photoshop white is yellow how to resolve these problem

  1. Kaste watch your dirty language. Don’t write such filth; it’s offensive and insulting. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    To the blogger for Adobe help, Thanks for the help, appreciate it.

  2. super cool, thanks so much. I was going nuts over this for the last hour and couldn’t find a solution until your post fixed it all.
    I hope you are a girl cause I wanna give you a hug and a kiss, but if you are a guy, then I’ll buy you a beer instead. 🙂

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