XDA Neo Prophet Qtek s200 recovery

My device doesn’t want to start anymore!
IPL 2.20.0001 ve SPL 2.20.0001
three colored screen my Prophet freezes
novendorid cid unlock screen frozen hard reset soft reset unlock CID solution

If during an upgrade your Prophet fails to start properly or can only enter bootloader follow this:


  • Download and install the latest version of ActiveSync (Google for it)
  • Download and unzip an AKU2.2 (No Vendor) ROM for the Prophet-any AKU 2.2 will do-from here or here
  • Within ActiveSync DISABLE connect through USB (Tools->Connection Settings->Uncheck Allow Connect through USB)
  • Put the Prophet into bootloader mode
    (hold the camera button and insert the stylus into the larger hole next
    to the power socket)
  • Plug the Prophet in via USB
  • Run the RUU specific to your device (G3 or G4) from the AKU2.2 folder. If there is only one RUU, use that.
  • When it has finished: disconnect the
    Prophet, and then re-enable the connect through USB in actyivesync
    before reconnecting the device.

Your Prophet should now work!

  • It
    doesn’t matter if you can’t sync files, so long as when you plug the
    device in it says “USB” in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
  • XP must be used if your device is a G4 (Vista may work for G3 devices but I’m not sure).

source xda-developers.com


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