Best document sharing websites

Upload all major formats and convert them instantly in digital publications. It’s FREE and unlimited!

What is SlideShare?

SlideShare is the best way to share your presentations with the world. Let your ideas reach a broad audience. Share publicly or privately. Add audio to create a webinar. Take a quick tour or start uploading now!

An online extension of Microsoft Office

Save 1000+ Microsoft Office documents in one place

Share files—you control who can view and edit

Works with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook

Adobe’s Share converts all shared documents to Flash, so you can embed them in any Web page. It’s like Scribd but designed more to share files with workgroups than the world at large. In its current beta form it supports PDF
Yudu Freedom is an online site where you can share your PDF documents. They don’t support any other document formats for the time being, which is quite surprising considering the competition. They do make up for it with simplicity of use, though.
Create page turning publications and share them online. Get noticed and captivate your audience with interactive online brochures, magazines, portfolio’s and more…

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