How do I post source code by

We have a shortcode you can wrap around source code that preserves its formatting and even provides syntax highlighting for certain languages, like so:

Wrap your code in these tags: [sourcecode language=’css’]..[/sourcecode]

Do not copy and paste this code – write it out. You can replace the language with one of the following language codes:

  • cpp
  • csharp
  • css
  • delphi
  • html
  • java
  • jscript
  • php
  • python
  • ruby
  • sql
  • vb
  • xml

The language attribute is required! If we don’t have what you need pick the closest.
Code in between the [sourcecode] tags will automatically be encoded for display, you don’t need to worry about HTML entities or anything.

We used the syntaxhighlighter Google Code project by Alex Gorbatchev to implement this feature.

source here


5 thoughts on “How do I post source code by

  1. I ok I understand some of the verbage, such as jscript, where is the meta and beginning and ending? I also don’t know where you paste this. Do you paste it on line #1. Our lines aren’t numbered that I can see when we are doing a post! Maybe some description on these words would be helpful for newbies like myself. I appreciate all you are doing. Thanks so much. I know that it is a start. Your awesome. Thanks.

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