Contact Forms on

What did you ask for? Contact forms. What you get? Contact forms!

Now people can send you an email without you ever publicly displaying your email address.

Here’s how: put


in any post, and a simple contact form asking for the sender’s name, email address, website and comment will be inserted. When someone submits a message through the form, you receive that message in an email.

Your email address is never shown, and the sender never learns it (unless you reply to the email!).

As an added bonus, all the messages people send to you through the contact form are filtered through Akismet. That should help reduce the amount of spam you get.


  • The email is sent to the author of the post with the contact form in it. So if you have multiple authors on the same blog, each can have his or her own contact form.
  • You can put contact forms in Pages as well as posts. In fact, you’ll probably find them more useful there.
  • The email you receive will tell you if the message was sent by a logged in and verified user or not.
  • Make sure to uncheck “Allow Comments” in the blue “Discussion” box when you make the contact page. Thay way, people won’t get confused about the difference between the contact form and the comment form.

Slideshare is a great service that enables the sharing of PowerPoint and OpenOffice presentations. There are lots of interesting presentations on their site and you can upload your own and then embed them into a blog post or page via a simple shortcode that’s listed next to all of the presentations on their site. allows you to upload photos and turn them into a slideshow which you can then embed into a blog post or page. They have created a nifty link for us that lets you create a show and then embed it to when you’re done. We also support guestbooks in a similar fashion (they allow your friends and readers to leave photos and video comments).


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