Colour Visualizer

This tool allow the designer to visualize any of the 16777216 possible HTML colours when creating web pages.

Use the mouse to move the cursor bar along each of the red, green and blue bars.
The resulting mixed colour appears in swatch A. A sample of black and white text provide an indication of
contrast and readability. Background can change the appearance of a colour, use the radio buttons to make an appropriate choice. Copy swatch A to swatch B to aid comparative choices when making small color adjustments.

Web Page Colour Visualizer
Color Picker
The Building Visualizer tool allows you to visualize what your Alpine building might look like in various color schemes. While the tool might not match the building you are planning, it can give you an idea of our many different color schemes to choose from, and help you make your final color choices early in your planning process.
>> Building Visualizer Tool

Choose your color:
This is a color changer template; you can use it to change the color of any desired object; like shoes, bags, garments, mobiles, interiors and so on.
you can add on as many color as you wish by just copy pasting any previous color button and changing the hex value to your requirement, more description mentioned in the help file

Just put the Hex color values in the buttons and see your desired object changing colors.


This can be used as a color changer in web or CD ROM ’s or any where that requires change of color., click on “Personal Color Viewer.” Select among six house styles and a rainbow of colors for walls, trim and garages.

sherwin-williams .com,
click on “Homeowner,” then “Launch Color Visualizer.” Choose from six
styles of homes and an array of colors for walls, trim, accents and
click on “Design Tools,” then on “Paint Designer.” Select from six
house styles and from the Bob Vila Signature Collection line of paint
colors for walls, trim, doors and accents.

But wait . . . getting a sneak peek is great, but what if you have no
idea which color to start with? No worry. Most Web sites offer
suggested color combinations that you can view. Still don’t know which
colors to choose? Drive around your neighborhood looking at house
colors. What attracts you? Look for similar colors online and at the

Another suggestion:
This site, which is presented by the Rohm and Haas Paint Quality
Institute, offers extensive information and tips about choosing colors.
Click on “do it yourself,” then “project planner,” then on “exterior.”

Other paint Web sites that offer color advice: and

One more thought: If you live in a community with a homeowners
association, get approval of the colors before you paint your house.
You’ll save a lot of time and work in the long run.


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  1. how do i put one of those paint visualizer on my website…im new to do this im trying to creat a website but i need to do me please

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