How to change imei by xda XDAmanipulator

Update: Do not download or install XDAanipulator unless you have a serial cable already, and need to reset
the call counters or change the IMEI on phones with Radio software
prior to 4.20. To remove the SIMlock, simply install the XDA-developers
Special Edition ROM, which, apart from unlocking the device, adds lots
of other extras. Look at the forum for details on where to get it.

Since its release, the XDA Manipulator has been
this site’s most popular download. We had never figured so many people
would need a tool with such modest functionality…

As you can see in the screenshot above, the XDA
manipulator allows for reading the unlock code as well as for resetting
the SID lock (also called SIMlock, when the phone is locked to a set of
providers) and the GID lock (lock to a specific SIM card). It also
allows one to reset the call duration timers, and to change the IMEI.

Buy or build a serial cable or cradle. The XDA manipulator does not
work over USB. (yet…)
Download and install the program.
Put your XDA in “Bootloader Mode” (hold power button and perform a soft
hook it up to the PC using the serial cable, on any serial port up to
Use the program. It’s pretty self-explanatory.
We’ve tested this on Radio version 4.06, 4.10 and 4.20. If you dare,
please let us know if you find it to work on other radio versions.

The manipulator contains an expert feature that
allows making a ROM-dump of the Radio part of the phone. If you press
Ctrl-R, a ROM dump is written to “c:\RSx-xx.bin”, which is meant to be
renamed to reflect the Radio Stack version. Being able to write this
file will allow you to study the insides of your Radio ROM. There is no
tool to write the ROM back into another Radio, as this would be too
dangerous unless we know much more about the phone.

On Radio software version 4.20, the makers of
the XDA’s modem part have included some extra security features. These
have been circumvented as far as being able to take off the SIMlock,
but the other features of The Manipulator (such as IMEI changing,
call-duration counters reset and ROM dumping) will be disabled when a
version 4.20 is encountered.

As usual, XDA developers software comes without
warranty, but with sourcecode. Older versions can be found here. The
XDA Manipulator is free software. However, the XDA developers retain
the copyright, and you may not charge for it, or alter it to remove our
name from it.

Please bear in mind that you may need to manually remove any older versions of The Manipulator before installing this version.

And please remember people:


Source code:

IMEI Sorgulama 2

IMEI numarasını giriniz. Giriş yaparken sadece rakam kullanınız, boşluk veya bir başka karakter girmeyiniz.


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