Animation Resource Tutorial

  • Angry Alien
    – Cult movies re-enacted in 30 seconds by bunnies–hilarious!
  • Animagic
    (Brazilian) – Very informative site in Brazilian, with key information
    translated in English.
  • The Animated News
    – A new site and nice resource.
  • Animated Views
    – Animation commentary, commentary and opinion.
  • Animation Arena
    – Art, models, tutorials and more for animation professionals.
  • Animation Corner
    – An animation development resource website that allows animators to upload
    their film tests, movies, and character design artwork.
  • Animation Insider
    – Primarily focused on TV animation.
  • Animation
    – No longer updated but still a valuable resource.
  • Animation World
    – Features very interest editorials, festival and book
    reviews as well as up-to-date industry directories.
  • Anime
    – Complete check-list of Japanese animated figures produced
    in Japan since 1917.
  • AnimWatch – Showcases
    the best in independent animation. Includes a special feature every month.
    – For the latest news on the theatrical productions from Disney and DreamWorks.
  • Cartoon Brew
    – The love child of Animation Blast and Cartoon Research
  • Cartoon Research
    – Passion is the word on Jerry Beck’s site!
  • Cartoon Startpage
    – Another compilation of links to sites about Disney, WB, Betty Boop and
  • Cartoons – Interesting
    collection of lesser-discussed articles.
  • CG Channel – For
    the CG community
  • CG Char – Animation
    news and forum
  • CG Networks – Computer
    Graphic Arts features exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes articles.
  • Clay Animator
    – How to site on clay animation and stop motion animation.
  • Comic
    – A lesson in 3D making.
  • Cyber
    Adventure Tsuka
    (French) – Focused on anime.
  • Digital
    Media FX
    – Not as rich in content as it used to be, but still worth
    checking now and then.
  • The Disney Experience
    – A gorgeous site with cool Disney wallpapers, fonts, toon icons and cursors.
  • Disney Informer
    – Addictive treat for Disney fans.
  • Disney
    – Full lyrics for pretty much every Disney song ever released.
  • Disney’s World
    of Wonders
    – Fun facts, games, and exclusive clipart.
  • Fous d’Anim
    (French) – A unique and entertaining look at animation which goes beyond
    mere mainstream.
  • Jim Hill Media
    – One of the newest and most exciting animation sites, rich in behind the
    scenes and exclusive scoops!
  • Keyframe – “The
    Animation Resource”.
  • Laughing
    – Compilation of the most interesting animation-related articles,
    and much more.
  • Magical
    Ears Animation Archive
    – Over 6,000 pages of Disney Animation.
    – The best source for everything Ghibli.
  • No
    Sólo Disney
    (Spanish) – Not updated in a while but still worth
    an occasional visit.
  • Pathea – The place for animation fans!
  • POVonline – The informational
    website of Mark Evanier.
  • Stop Motion
    – An awesome resource for news, information and chats on–you
    guessed it–stop motion animation.
  • TAG Blog – The blog of the
    Animation Guild and one of the best news site out there.
  • Toonjunkies
    When you’re looking for the complete credits of animated features.
  • Toon Tracker
    Home of the lost cartoons.
  • Upcoming
    – Greg’s preview of animated movies at Yahoo!
  • YATTA! – Everything


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