Ajax and related technologies for the development of rich web applications

Aptana ProductsAptana offers two products today that help developers leverage Ajax and related technologies for the development of rich web applications. Aptana’s mission of “end-to-end Ajax” means that developers can hone their Ajax development skills and apply them everywhere along the process of web application development — from development, testing, and deployment and ultimately through optimization and management.

Jaxer – The Ajax Server

Jaxer is a new kind of server, the world’s first Ajax Server. Jaxer is free and open source, and enables the developer to create rich web applications by unifying the development model across the client/server boundary. That is, through the life-cycle of a web page, which naturally starts at the web server, the developer can use the same programming language, the same Document Object Model (DOM), and the same Ajax techniques and libraries.

The developer can choose where functions run, on the browser, on the server, or even in both locations. The developer can modify the DOM or create new DOM elements on the server before it goes on to the browser, and browser-side functions can seamlessly call server-side functions — all of the remoting and data marshaling is done automatically.

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Studio – The Ajax IDE

Studio is Aptana’s free, open source Ajax development environment. With over a million downloads, developers all over the world are discovering why Aptana Studio is the leading choice of web professionals everywhere. Studio offers free plugins for PHP, Ruby on Rails, Adobe AIR, and even Apple iPhone development.

Of course Studio also includes rich support for development of Jaxer-based Ajax applications. In fact, as of Studio 1.1, Jaxer is fully integrated so that development of end-to-end Ajax applications requires no further installations or server setup. Just create a new HTML document and you can build fully realized client/server applications rich with database access, network access, and much more.

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Aptana Studio Plugins

Aptana RadRails

Aptana RadRails is an environment for building Ruby on Rails applications. It showcases a number of features to make both your Ruby and your Ruby on Rails as productive as possible.

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Adobe® AIR Support

Aptana Studio now offers support for Adobe AIR. Adobe AIR allows developers to leverage their existing web development skills (HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, Flash, and Flex ) to build and deploy rich Internet applications (RIA’s) to the desktop.

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Apple iPhone Support

The Apple iPhone Development Plugin (beta) enables the Aptana IDE to increase your iPhone development productivity. The plugin adds preview support for your iPhone applications as well as an interactive console.

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PHP Support

Aptana Studio offers beta support for the PHP language. PHP support is integrated with the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript support, and includes colorization, content assist, and outlining functionality.

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More to Come

Aptana is working on other products to better serve developers with the goal of end-to-end Ajax development. Rich Ajax monitoring and optimization products as well as Ajax application management tools are all in the works. Stay tuned to our web site, blog and forums to learn more about these products as they become available.


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