Ornament Brushes


The photoshop brush package contains 20 ornament / tribal brushes. They
are all vector based and I created them at a large size. Please comment
this package. I’ll try to update it and make it better.

I also ask you to please add this one to your favorites. Within 3 days this package got over 1.5k downloads and I only got 19 favorites. I would be very happy if you favorite it D.

The second brush package in this serie can be found here:

Copyrights & Rules
– Please favorite (+fav:) this package if you use it, download it, like it, etc ).

– Giving credit in your artwork comment with a link to this package will be appreciated.

– No commercial use of the brushes. Please contact me if you would like to use it for commercial work.

– I’m also very interested in the artworks you made with use of this
package. So please comment a link to the artwork or send me a note with

by *MagicalViper


6 thoughts on “Ornament Brushes

  1. hey thanx for the brushes…. but sorry I am a beginner: I think it instaled the file automaticly (opend witth my PS4) but I don’t know where to find them or how to use them… sorry if it is easy to explain it would help a lot!!!


  2. Simply wonderful, exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a lot, and you’ve definitely done a good job! =)

    It worked fine for me, opening with PS; the new brushes appeared in the list (which appears when you right-click with the brush tool somewhere, as far as I remember).

    Thanks again,

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