LeopardXP for IconPackager

This iconpackager file is based on Apple’s Leopard icons.

I am uploading this with Alanoy’s permission since some people are
having trouble with the iconpackage file he created. All I did was fix
it so it works for everyone so enjoy!

Credit goes to:

– Apple Computer, Inc.
– Icons extracted from Leopard by kampongboy92 found here: [link]
– Leopard Iconpackager originally made by Alanoy found here: [link]
– Background used is actually a wallpaper called Leopard Server Space Default found here: [link]

Edited the HardDrive icon to match Leopard’s and changed the CD-Drive
icon to one that should suit everyone as before it said CD-R

source http://mreyepatch.deviantart.com/art/LeopardXP-for-IconPackager-71286907


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