Creating a table with dynamically highlighted columns like Crazy Egg’s pricing table

Update Aug 29, 2007: Examples 9 and 10, and the downloadable zip now accommodate for JavaScript-disabled browsers.

Update Aug 28, 2007: links to examples fixed. Again.

I like Crazy Egg‘s pricing table on their Pricing & Signup page. When you click on “Sign Up” for an option, that plan’s column highlights, the other plans vanish, and a signup form takes their place. There is a number of impressive things happening within this small area. I wanted to try and recreate the behavior step by step, and share the power of combining CSS, JavaScript, and images in clever ways.

If you just clicked over to look at Crazy Egg’s site, then clicked back, consider visiting there again when you’re finished reading this tutorial. If you’re as impressed with the way their site is put together as I am, you, or someone you know/work with, could probably benefit from Crazy Egg’s amazing click tracking visualization tools. Their prices sure make it easy to get started, so give it a consideration while you’re giving them traffic.


For those who like to skip ahead: view the final example or download a zip with all the html, CSS, JavaScript, and supporting images used in this article.



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